Cats for World Peace

While at my yoga class the other day, I had a rather Zen moment.

Coco after yogaIt appears as though our Prime Minister didn’t make any new friends at the G20 last week, and who knows what the UN is doing these days. So, as I surveyed the meditation room, I thought, why not form a Cats for World Peace working group?

The members are as follows:

Yoga Cat 2Snowball, who really knows how to pitch the big concepts.




Yoga Cat 4Leo, a genial fellow, known for his consensus-building skills.



Yoga Cat 3Annabelle, whose flexibility serves her well in tough negotiations.




Yoga Cat 7Grace, who more than lives up to her name.




Yoga Cat 5

Peaches, who has a knack for calculating the best way out of a jam.




Yoga Cat 1

And finally, Zabar, who always brings a little bit of awesome to the table.


So now we have our own little G7, contemplating the path to world peace.  Hey, we — apolitical animals that we are — will surely do a better job than the humans who are currently working on it.

À bientôt mes amis!

– Coco


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